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Office 365 Case Study Oil Gas

Office 365 presents a compelling opportunity for oil and gas companies to offload time consuming and resource hungry services like email and client-side application maintenance to a heavy weight service provider for a predictable, recurring monthly cost and delivered to SLA’s which most organisations would be hard pushed to meet.

The Office 365 suite comprises of:

  • Office applications
  • Instant messaging
  • Conferencing
  • File sharing

Thankfully, as a subscription service Office 365 means no more licensing headaches or complicated software agreements. It also removes concerns over DR, data storage and compute to drive critical environments like email. Finally, it enables users with the latest tools to be more productive and enhance collaboration across the company.

Office 365 is not however, all things to all people. ISN can help you evaluate how best to implement it and identify where it is appropriate for your business:

  • Impact analysis to understand where benefits can be realised
  • Creation of a migration strategy
  • Recommendations when Office 365 is not a suitable option
  • Training for using new productivity tools such as Lync, presence and instant messaging

If you would like to understand more about Office 365 or investigate the potential benefits for your business get in touch.

Our Microsoft-certified experts are highly adept at managing, monitoring and administering the Office 365 environment, ensuring that your users benefit from the software’s full feature set. Sparkhound provides a single point of entry for IT support and problem-solving 24 hours a day, and our proactive approach aims to catch incidents before your business encounters productivity loss. Work with us and you can expect predictable costs, less downtime, guaranteed response time and a greatly reduced IT burden. 

For your confidence and constant monitoring, our 24x7x365 administration and alerting dashboard delivers accurate Cloud management on a single screen, and as your Cloud environment, usage and needs change, our team is right there with you to make sure you get the most from your investment.


Guided by Sparkhound’s Plan/Build/Run methodology, we approach Managed Office 365 services with an emphasis on creating and maintaining optimal performance. 

Sparkhound administrators begin every managed Cloud relationship by gaining deep knowledge of your Cloud environment and Office 365 user needs. That means we’re ready from day one to provide the customized support you need.


 As Microsoft’s “Cloud Infrastructure Partner of the Year,” we have helped thousands of users migrate to the cloud. Our Managed Office 365 Cloud Bundle includes licensing and a straightforward pricing model to help your team get tot he cloud quickly and cost effectively. 

Sparkhound's Office 365 Cloud Solution Includes:

  • Licensing Management – As a 1-Tier Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), we can provide all required Office 365 licensing for your organization on one consolidated invoice
  • Seamless Migration – Strategically planned and executed on-premise to cloud migration of all users’ data and Exchange mailboxes
  • Service Desk – In addition to providing a predictable monthly cost model, our Cloud Managed Services team handles end-user Office 365 support of issues such as password resets, basic device troubleshooting, answering “how-to” questions, and proactive device monitoring and management

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Download our Managed Cloud Office 365 Solution Sheetand the Office 365 Cloud Bundle Pricing Sheet. To learn more contact us and a Sparkhound consultant will be in touch.