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Deaf Event Essay

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Description of Event: Deaf Chat
Further your American Sign Language experience in a friendly social surrounding enjoying food court goodies and making new friends.
Sponsored By: Sorry, I don’t know.
When and Where the Event Took Place: March 8, 2012 at Oakridge Mall, San Jose.
What it was about: Meet deaf, hard of hearing and other ASL students, communicate with people.

This was the first deaf event that I attended this quarter. I was even more excited about it than I was before. I always had fun before, even though it always started with a little bit of embarrassing. Because compared to people who really sign in their daily lives, I knew very little signs, so I always feel like I cannot communicate with them that much. After last…show more content…

He would come up to everyone and introduce himself and ask questions just like what we do in our ASL class. It was a good way for us to practice because most of us were passive sometimes, and we were timid to start a conversation.

Some people left after a while, and that just made me feel even better. Because there were less people looking at me when I am signing. And I had more time to talk with Jhona. As I said before, he is really nice. He would really teach you signs, not like other deaf people who would just talk to you if you talk to them. I don’t mean that they are not nice, but I learn a lot from Jhona. He taught me some new signs, also helped me to review. Sometimes it is very confused, because everyone signs a little different, and there are some signs that are very similar. Some of the words I had learned them before, but I forgot. And he always helped me with them.

Honestly, it was a interesting experience, as usual. Participating in a real deaf community, or really communicate with deaf people helps me to know and learn American Sign Language better, and understand deaf people better. There are still a lot of things that I have to learn and I want to

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how about Deaf Taxi drivers, Deaf Chefs, Deaf lawyers (and no, not the bloody HOH types i mean REAL D>E>A>F kinds) or even Deaf Geologist (are there any?) go on make an essay to explore about 'where the hells the REAL Deaf success in REAL world"...mechanics I mean the Full deaf, not some 'was hearing before gone deaf but have some hearing 'understanding' grrr those type really makes me angry...

explore, try say, fax, email (blind stab 6 states' get some info on existence of Real Deaf full ASL user doing Real jobs , by that NOT BLOODY MANUAL jobs (ok taxis is but as far as communications goes, its practically a "HEARING ONLY" jobs...
that's it !!
ESSAY TOPIC like this

DEAF PEOPLE DOING HEARING-ONLY JOBS, An exploration, does it exist and how far do we have to go to realise Deaf people have Full access to full range of occupations"
or make it simplier like
ARE THERE Deaf people doing Hearing-PEOPLE-Only Jobs? - An exploration.
that way you can get away with many 'inaccessible facts' but make it interesting , try get as much as you can and do best with info you have as got and make a good job

just my wasted 2 cents