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Optometry Personal Statement Examples

Optometry Personal Statement Online for All

According to Dr. Munroe, the aim of the optometry personal statement is to indicate three things to the admissions team: 1) personality, 2) dedication to optometry, and 3) passion and motivation that will guide you through optometry school – the “fire in your belly.” Your Grade Point Average (GPA) and Optometry Admission Test (OAT) scores will speak for themselves, but the perfect PS is your opportunity to show everything you know and what differentiates you from many of their others applicants.

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Optometry Personal Statement Example

My knowledge with various subjects in my school helped me well to excel well at academic front so far. Especially, my command and knowledge acquired in subjects like mathematics, economics and chemistry requires special mentioning here. Knowledge in mathematics helped me to improve my analytical skills and problem resolving skills to a great extent. Reasoning and investigation is also added additional skills for me through command over mathematics. Similarly, chemistry subject knowledge allowed me to understand well molecular level ideas and improved as well my manipulative skills too. My economics subject knowledge made more adaptive for the any kind of situation. Definitely, these three subjects knowledge instilled special qualities and skills in me until now.

I find myself as apt to take optometry degree keeping in mind my acquired skills and knowledge. It has been my greatest desire and goal now to complete optometry degree in your prestigious college. I knew it well the opted degree program demands more commitment from me and my acquired skills are definitely going to be a greatest support for this purpose too. This career prospective degree program helps me build my career in a better way to excel well at optical work field. Mainly, correcting vision of the people something that I could able to offer in return to my country through completing this degree program.

I regularly participate in many volunteering activities in order to find out others around us and to understand their opinions and ideas from their perspective. It offered me a chance to understand the world and it gave me chance to understand, what is that I could able to offer to this world in return. My acquired academic exposure and experience through volunteering made me decide towards acquiring degree in optometry and applied to your institute along with my application and all other credentials. I am seriously interested in pursuing this program with utmost devotion and determination. My devotion and determination will help me well to do well with the program and to build my future too.

I am sincerely requesting you to consider my application through going through my candidature. The chance given will help me to prove about myself and to be a part of world as real help in improving the vision of the public. I will be waiting to hear your acceptance.

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In case you missed the memo, the OptomCAS aka the big dental school application for next fall is officially opened! The Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) uses the OptomCAS aka the Optometry Centralized Application Service as a general application when applying to Optometry schools and it allows you to use one application to apply to multiple of any of the 21 programs in the U.S. If you’re planning to apply for Fall 2015, it’s time to start the process and by the way there is a PERSONAL STATEMENT required **cue the music** Although the essay is about YOU, you still have an agenda: it still needs to be written in a professional manner and highlight your professional skills, experiences, and interests. That doesn’t have to be so scary! Think of it kind of like answering that classic job interview inquiry: “Tell me about yourself.” Oh no. Did I just make it worse? **cue the music again**

Your OptomCAS Personal Statement is a place for you to “describe what inspires your decision for becoming an optometrist, including your preparation for training in this profession, your aptitude and motivation, the basis for your interest in optometry, and your future career goals” oh and do it in under 4,500 characters (including letters, spaces, punctuation (like on twitter)), which is only about a page long. So exactly why are you are seeking a optometry education? You need to articulate that you motivated, academically prepared, plus knowledgeable and passionate about the profession. This can be a little tricky; the key is balance. You want to sell yourself professional while remaining personable. By no means is this a creative writing piece; you want to be clear, concise, and professional. Keep in mind: optometry schools are making first judgments on you based on the OptomCAS application, and the OptomCAS Personal Statement is the ONLY place to make a case for yourself IN YOUR OWN WORDS!

One especially cool thing about the OptomCAS is that your Personal Statement is a school-specific question in the application. This means you can tailor your essay to each program you’re applying to and talk about specifically why thisschool is the best fit for you!

Remember that you’re selling yourself as a great addition to the profession. This is where you talk about your strengths, passion for the field, and all your extra-curricular hard work you’ve done in preparing for optometry school (and let’s face it also for this particular essay here).

Three key points to hit:

o   Why Optometry? – The lifelong childhood dream is all good and fine really but if that’s not the case be candid and honest and talk about your road to discovery, that’s interesting! Your journey to writing this OptomCAS Personal Statement may be long and winding. How did you land on optometry?

o   Shadowing or Assisting Experience – Talk up your observation hours in a optometry’s office setting and how these times increased your knowledge and understanding of the field. These experiences show you really know what’s like in the real world application of the optometry school.

o   Volunteerism – show your interest in working with/for the community and commitment to helping other. It’s important to include both volunteer activities that are relevant to the field and even some that isn’t. For example, working at an animal shelters shows your well rounded not just in a pre-opt mode all the time. Also include the volunteer work related to the optometry profession that you may have done with a Pre-Opt society (that’s how you work that you were active in the club in the essay too)!

The ole phrase “writing is rewriting” rings true here this case. Have a trusty professor or an optometry professional read it and give you feedback. They know what admissions committees are looking for and have insight on how to relate your experiences to the field. Final piece of advice: you can still upgrade your OAT Cracker account and unlock the all the practice tests for $49 instead of the regular $99 sooooo go do that and you’ll have gleaming OAT scores to match this beautiful essay!

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