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Writing A Law Dissertation Essays

Generally, writing a dissertation is not compulsory. But for law students in particular, it may be worth considering.

It was last year’s conflict in Gaza that encouraged me to write a dissertation. I wanted to find out what the law had to say about such a contentious topic. Luckily, at most law schools you can be flexible with the focus of your dissertation.

A fellow student at City Law School wrote his on the exception of parodies to copyright law. While others in my cohort wrote about humanitarian intervention against Isis, and the practice of child marriage in Bangladesh.

Having the chance to explore an area of law outside the seven core modules, and become reasonably knowledgeable in it, can give you an edge in job interviews. Graduates who have completed dissertations have what many others don’t – a specialism, and potentially useful knowledge that can set them apart.

Writing a 10,000- to 15,000-word thesis also enables you to develop transferable skills that will be useful during any law career.

Ten things I wish I'd known before starting my dissertation

First, there are the obvious research skills. A lawyer’s strength is not so much his or her knowledge of the law, but their knowledge of where to find the law. Thomas Jones, an LLB and LPC graduate from City Law School, wrote his dissertation on the exception of parodies to copyright law, and has since worked as a research assistant for Professor Daniel Wilsher of City Law School.

Jones says the practical research skills he gained was one of the biggest benefits of writing a dissertation. These include the ability to locate sources efficiently, sift through case law and assess expert opinion.

In addition to research skills you learn to write well. Dissertations require succinct arguments and you learn to reduce complex pieces of information into concise sentences. This is useful when advising clients or writing skeleton arguments.

Structure and organisation are also crucial. You will have to use chapters, subsections, headings, and include a contents page. This is essential in the legal profession when compiling bundles and other files.

How to write your dissertation

Rachel Tandy, a barrister at Henderson Chambers, compares the dissertation-writing process to that of preparing a case. “First, you have to gather all the facts. Next, you have to establish what everyone else is saying about them, and what it is that you want to say. Finally, you have to dismantle those facts yourself and re-assemble them in a way that supports your position.

“That process requires a creative mind, forensic attention to detail, and self-motivation – many of the qualities one might look for in a good barrister,” she says.

Although writing a dissertation is predominantly independent work, each student is assigned a supervisor – another potential benefit. The relationship you build with your supervisor, who will be an established professional and expert in your chosen area of study, can lead to further opportunities.

Junaed Khan, a City University graduate, says his supervisor for his international politics dissertation provided him with advice, contacts and invitations to topical networking events and conferences. “She still invites me to events,” he says.

Yasmin Dehghani, who is graduating from St Mary’s University with a law degree this year, also had a close relationship with her supervisor. “My supervisor really helped me to improve my CV, which helped me to get job offers and interviews,” she says.

Writing a dissertation isn’t always plain sailing though. Aram Alaaldin, who wrote his dissertation on the use of force against Isis, says he would only dedicate time to it each week once his notes for other modules were done. “I had to neglect my other modules due to the sheer workload when the deadline was nearing,” he says.

Writing what is essentially a compilation of essays requires a vast commitment of time, reading and effort. Naturally, this can result in stress, anxiety, and a rollercoaster of other emotions.

While not always pleasant, having to deal with such a large workload independently can be a rich experience in itself. It can give you a higher stress threshold, or at least allow you to practice managing it.

When entering the legal profession, a trainee or pupil will likely not have to draft a 15,000-word document from day one by researching a five-page list of books and journals in a completely new area of law.

But having coped with a dissertation, future tasks such as researching a particular case, drafting a short skeleton argument, or reading over some papers, will be comparatively minuscule.

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Law Dissertation Help That Is A Class Apart

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