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Comm 102 Week 1 Assignment

COMM 102 Week 2 Interpersonal Communication

Watch “The Right Kind of Care.”

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in APA format describing how the individual perceptions affected the communication between the people in the video. Answer the following in your paper:

What is intercultural communication?

Why is it important to understand intercultural communication?

What is the relationship between verbal and nonverbal communication?

Based on the research you conducted on the different cultures in the video

§  What were the individual perceptions of the participants in the video?

§  How did the culture of the individual affect his or her verbal and nonverbal communication?

§  How could each person in the video communicate more effectively?

§  How could each person in the video improve his or her intercultural communication competence?


§  Headings included for each section

§  included from the research conducted

§  Reference page included

§  Included a minimum of one supporting document to support the research conducted on each of the cultures in the video (American, Korean, Jamaican)

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

COMM 102 Week 1 Effective Listening

Your workplace has recently experienced issues regarding effective listening. In response, your manager has asked you to provide your coworkers with information to help them boost their listening skills.

Create a presentation, video, poster or pamphlet that answers the following questions: 

§  Why is listening important?

§  Why is listening important in the workplace?

§  What is active listening?

§  How does one show he or she is an active listener?

§  What are some barriers to effective listening?

§  How might you overcome these barriers?

The PowerPoint presentation must include complete speaker’s notes.  The notes should contain exactly what you would say about the slide if the presentation was presented to an audience.

When preparing a PowerPoint presentation, the rule of six and six must be followed.  No more than six bullets per slide; no more than six words per bullet.

Sources need to be cited in the presentation.

Cite any sources used in APA format.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab

Submit your assignment to the discussion area for this assignment to share with your classmates.

Additional Material

How to create a brochure using a template:

Best practices when creating a brochure: