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by keichhof, BSN, RN
Oct 6, '17   Views: 10,215   Comments: 61

  1. 2 Hi everyone!

    Wanted to get this topic started since I cannot find much recent information for this program on this site. Starting my application process for OHSU CRNA for 2018 start year. Wanted to know if there was anyone else out there applying for this program and if you had any advice or information to give on what they are looking for or their interview process?


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  3. Hi, im applying to OHSU as well. Im trying to get a read on the stats of applicants that they take. I called them and last year they said they got 100 applicants and took only 9

    Without the GRE required, it looks like they only look at resume, essay, letters of rec, and gpa in the decision.
  4. Only 9!! I am almost done with my app, but I'm pretty sure now it was just to apply haha. Didn't know how small the cohort was. I know atleast 9 people will surpass me in my stats. Thanks for the update!!
  5. Quote from keichhof
    Only 9!! I am almost done with my app, but I'm pretty sure now it was just to apply haha. Didn't know how small the cohort was. I know atleast 9 people will surpass me in my stats. Thanks for the update!!
    Don't count yourself out just yet. If those 9 people with better stats don't interview better than you, they probably won't pick them over you. stats aren't everything, just a piece of the picture.
  6. Your right, have to keep reminding myself of that. Thank you Hopefully these weeks will go fast and we all get interviews!
  7. I can get on board with that!
  8. Nov 14, '17 by Ccrnuh, BSN
    Does anyone know when they typically interview? Or send out interview invites? Thanks
  9. Interview invites are sent in mid January. Interviews are Feb 1,2, 8,9
  10. Nov 19, '17 by CRNA dreaming, BSNPro
    In the hunt for a position as well. Finishing up my app. All the best with the WestCoast programs desert.
  11. Nov 19, '17 by CRNA dreaming, BSNPro
    Also, don't forget lots of applicants have multiple apps going so you can still get vacated spots.
  12. OHSU SRNA's are usually in their late 20's, early 30's, meaningful CC experience or very extensive emergency experience and have have significant or meaningful life experience (military, overseas missionary work etc...) those that do not have this kind of background are apparent. This in addition to academic excellence.

    IOW, probably decent medical school candidates were they to take MCAT and pre-reqs, with the occasional exceptions.
  13. Nov 28, '17 by forbidden donut
    Applying here this year as well. I'm in the NW so this is by far my #1A choice in programs. I know my wife is ready to bribe the admission committee with our firstborn to get me in here so we don't have to uproot.

    I spoke with the program director and she said they look for the same thing every school does as far as ideal applicants; 4-5 years high acuity ICU experience, high science GPA, high nursing GPA, CCRN, ACLS, PALS, preceptoring, committees, rapid response, charge, aced interview, etc. Nothing special.
  14. Dec 15, '17 by Rosarosepond
    I'm applying as well! OHSU is definitely my first choice, I'm from Boise and the closer the better. NursingCas makes me nervous, when exactly do they process everything and how long does it take? Best of luck to everyone!

Application/Pre-Requisites/Timing Questions

When are application materials due? The nurse anesthesia program has two deadlines for applications.  The first deadline, June 1st, is given priority.  The second deadline is September 1st.  For questions or concerns about the application process, please contact the School of Nursing's Office of Enrollment and Student Affairs at 404.727.7980

Is there a specific format that you would like reference letters to be in?  Once you supply the names and emails of references a rating form with a comment section will be sent directly to them.

Is there a format you would like for documentation of shadowing experiences? At the time of interview we will ask you about your shadowing experiences. We strongly recommend a minimum of 16 hours.

Does the website provide us with all the information on the application requirements including where to send the documents?  Yes see the “Admission Requirements” tab and the “Applying” tab below. Please note, the DNP application will need to be completed and submitted first, followed by the nurse anesthesia application. 

Do you prefer certain ICU experiences (for example, CVICU vs SICU)?  We have no preference for specific types of ICU experience. A minimum of 1-year and preferably 2-3 years of current full-time critical care experience is required (orientation is not part of the 1 year requirement). Note: the following are NOT considered as critical care experience:  Telemetry, Cardiac Cath Lab, Operating Room, Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU or RR), Interventional Radiology or Emergency Department.  Critical care experience is defined as: Critical care experience must be obtained in a critical care area within the United States, its territories or a U.S. military hospital outside of the United States.  During this experience, the registered professional nurse has developed critical decision making and psychomotor skills, competency in patient assessment, and the ability to use and interpret advanced monitoring techniques. A critical care area is defined as one where, on a routine basis, the registered professional nurse manages one or more of the following: invasive hemodynamic monitors (such as pulmonary artery catheter, CVP, arterial); cardiac assist devices; mechanical ventilation; and vasoactive infusions.  

Will you accept GMAT test in place of GRE?  We will accept the GMAT if it was taken within 5 years of the application deadline.

How will GRE scores impact the admission decisions in contrast to types of courses the applicant has taken, professional credentials, and other factors? Candidates need to meet all admissions requirements. The GRE is part of the package and gives an idea as to how a candidate will do with testing, especially on standardized examinations. With this being a doctoral program, it requires the full range of academic skills. The GRE gives us an additional piece of information to evaluate the quality of a candidate.

I have attended multiple schools. Do you require all transcripts? We require all transcripts be reported. We focus on science grades across your academic experience. We recognize that students beginning college may have an adjustment period and grades may be lower early on. If you wish to explain a low score, please include that information with your application. 

Are there any tips for preparing for the interview? We have provided some “Interview Tips” under the interview tab below. There are recommended readings and general considerations for interviewing for an anesthesia program.  If you have specific questions please contact us.

Will you have an Open House on campus, or just virtual sessions? Because our applicants represent a national geographic scope, we will continue to hold information sessions on line.

Interview and Acceptance Questions

Are applicants being invited for interviews yet?  Applications will be reviewed after the June 1st and September 1st deadlines. Only completed applications will be considered.  The Nurse Anesthesia Admissions Committee will review the applications and a decision will be made whether to schedule an interview with each candidate. There are times that further information may be requested before a decision about offering an interview is made.  Applicants will be notified by email of the Committee’s decision.

When will interviews take place? Applicants applying by June 1st should anticipate interviews will be held in July/August.  Applicants applying by September 1st should anticipate interviews will be held in October/November.

Is there a limited number of interview spots? No, all qualified applicants will be offered an interview. Applicants will not be admitted without an interview. Admission into any graduate program is granted on a competitive basis and students meeting minimum requirements may be denied admission based on such factors as program capacity or academic discretion.

When will you notify candidates of their acceptance?  Students will be notified via email of their acceptance within three weeks of the interview. A $1,000 deposit to be applied to tuition and a signed letter of confirmation are required to hold the spot.

May we wait to apply for a Georgia license if we get accepted or do we need to do so now? You will have time to apply for a Georgia license after your acceptance. Please be advised the licensing process can take up to 4 months.

Do you offer a pre-requisite statistics class?   Yes.  We offer a fully online, graduate level statistics course focused on research literacy and the type of foundational statistics you will need when beginning your DNP program. Applicants accepted to the program are strongly encouraged to consider taking this course.

Cohort Questions

How many students will make up each class? The number of students accepted each year may vary based.  We anticipate accepting between 10-15 students annually.

Are you looking for a certain amount of in-state vs out of state students? We are looking for qualified candidates with proven academic and clinical success as critical care nurses who demonstrate the drive to enter a challenging career that involves not just a new field, but a doctoral degree as well. 

Course Work Questions

What is the format for the online classes? Are they Power Point or interactive in format? The DNP courses are offered in an executive format with online presentations, discussions (synchronous/asynchronous), group assignments, and two required Saturday sessions per semester. During the Saturday sessions students will interact with their DNP classmates from various specialties. Students will have an opportunity to interact with local and national leaders as well as participate in writing workshop sessions. Anesthesia classes will be face-to-face on the Emory campus.  

Will simulation be part of this program? Simulation will be integrated throughout your time at Emory, beginning in the second semester and continuing until graduation.  During the initial simulation sessions your focus will be on task trainers and developing a readiness to enter the operating suite as a Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist, e.g. anesthesia gas machine checks, case preparation, induction and intubation, and neuraxial anesthesia.  The simulations will progress over time to management of disclosed patient complications, and then to undisclosed crises identification and management. Simulation may also be used to verify competence and for enhanced learning opportunities for students.   

Clinical Placement Questions

Could you tell us which facilities will be used for clinical? A wide array of clinical sites have been established to prepare students for the full scope of practice.  Clinical sites include in-patient and out-patient settings, urban and rural facilities, and both anesthesia care team and CRNA solo practice.

When we are doing clinical, will we be required to take call?   Experiences during your second and third year may include call.

Lifestyle Questions

How will you help students preserve a positive work/life balance while in your program?   Students are assigned both a nurse anesthesia faculty advisor and a DNP advisor.  This team then works with the student as the lead to ensure their academic goals are being achieved. In addition, wellness content is included throughout the curriculum.

It may be hard to tell now with the program being very new; however, do you foresee your DNP graduates receiving jobs after completing the program and passing the board certification? Yes, to both. CRNAs are in demand not only in Georgia but across the nation. In the dozens of conversations we have conducted with hospitals, clinics, and anesthesia practices in the region, we have consistently heard the demand for CRNA graduates. Already, Georgia has 25% fewer CRNAs than the national average. National figures further emphasize the need for graduates, in that a shortage of CRNA’s is predicted by 2022 due to retirements.  Also, the new requirement that CRNA programs to migrate to doctoral programs could decrease the number of programs available nationally, and/or the number of annual graduates from anesthesia programs, further driving up demand.

We expect our students will be well prepared to sit for the national certification exam. Our curriculum aligns with Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs requirements for educating nurse anesthetists.  During the program, testing opportunities will be built into the curriculum to prepare the student for boards. In the final semester, students will take a board review course as well as have a facilitated review of previous course materials.

Program Overview Questions

Is the Emory program accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs? Unlike starting a nursing program where accreditation is sought prior to the first graduating student, new anesthesia program accreditation is required prior to launching the program. The accreditation status of Emory’s Nurse Anesthesia Program will be determined at the May 2017 Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs (COA) meeting. Following a very successful on-site visit by the COA in January 2017, we anticipate a positive accreditation outcome.