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Travel To Foreign Country Essay

The Benefits of Travelling Abroad by Javier

Students in our evening CAE class were asked to write an essay about the benefits of travelling abroad. This is what Javi thinks.

Travelling is considered to be one of the most enriching experiences. This is due to the many things that it can bring us. But which are the most valuable things that we can get from it?

The first thing we can think of getting from travelling is the possibility of living new experiences. A trip can allow us to do things that we cannot do in our daily lives like eating a variety of new food or visiting places where we have never been before. Moreover, travelling can make us see that we are able to overcome challenges such as speaking in a different language or being able to guide ourselves in an unknown place. But, maybe the best experience that we can have when we travel is meeting new people and making new friends.

Another benefit of travelling to foreign countries is learning new things. It is known that travelling or living abroad is the best way to learn a language and the reason why is that it allows people to immerse into the language. As a result of this immersion, not only are language skills improved but also the knowledge about the culture of the country and its society is increased.

To sum up, it seems to me that travelling abroad brings us a lot of benefits which we could not get staying at home. In my opinion, we should travel abroad as much as we can while we are young because it gives us the possibility to get to know different cultures and societies and makes us more respectful with them.

First Visit to a foreign country

Summer holidays are my favorite. This was one of a kind. Being the type that loves adventure and new places, the excitement was overwhelming. It was a class trip based on a travel unit in my course. This one was surely going to break my travel record. The first airplane ride was quite an experience too. I was one little jumping jackrabbit. The long departure queues and the sound of other planes taking off got me too eager for our turn. I wouldn’t have thought that take off would be sickening. It felt like one of those falling dreams where one wakes up at mid-air. But I smiled, the sky was beautiful. Nothing was as solid as the excitement and anxiety combined. After the long flight we land at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.

I felt a slight tingle in my stomach as we headed for the luggage claim. The place was beautiful with marble floors, flowers and was nicely lit. There were plenty of eager tourists in bunches of their own similar foreign languages. Most of the writings on boards, pamphlets, magazines, receipts, even on the taxis were in French. My little knowledge would come in handy after all. I was in France, the most visited country in the world. Being a tourism student, I coincidentally had an outgoing character too. (The course was not a first choice anyway).

The visit proved that a group-tour wasn’t a disadvantage at all. We still had a variety of superb hotel rooms. French was all the housekeepers and other hotel workers spoke unless of course they realized you evidently had no idea on what they meant. Hospitality was at a high. Our first meal was partly fried steak with garnish made of a variety of vegetables I can’t name. It was well-presented alongside grilled potatoes. Despite the raw redness on slicing it, it was heavenly and the sauce melted in my mouth.

The next morning started as early as 5.00am. We were headed for an adventure at the Mont Blanc which in literal translation would mean White Mountain. It was the best site i had seen my whole life. The place was covered with snow and a variety of snowboarders crossed our paths as we tried to balance and cope with the sudden change of climate. This was followed by a series of visits to historical sites and meeting new French-speaking people every day to the last day of our one week visit.