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Skrzynecki Ancestors Essay Examples

Hsc Belonging -Peter Skrzynecki Essay

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People’s perceptions of belonging can change over time, but this isn’t the case for all. When people experience moments of crisis in their lives they sometimes force a change within themselves and that is what helps them find an individual sense of belonging. This is highlighted in many texts and even composers life works. Texts that support this statement include Peter Skrzynecki’s Immigrant Chronicle poems, of which I have chosen St Patricks College and Feliks Skrzynecki. Skrzynecki’s poetry expresses the difficulties he faces when change doesn’t occur throughout time, as time alone isn’t a factor and that your sense of belonging is something that comes from within, with or without anyone.
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Although for those eight years Peter Skrzynecki was unable to change, at the end of the poem he shows that after everything it was within himself to find his sense of belonging even if he wasn’t motivated by the same reasons that his mother was. Does this then show a change in attitude and understanding by the character?
A link here ... Perceptions of belonging can change and remain constant due to many things; two important causes can include your family and heritage. Feliks Skrzynecki is a poem which highlights Peter Skrzynecki’s admiration of his father but the inability he faced when trying to connect to his heritage. Skrzynecki uses the colloquialism “kept pace with only the Joneses of his own mind’s makings” to metaphorically show how his father hadn’t changed over time and didn’t care to conform to community expectations as he was comfortable in his own surroundings and within his own self. The composer then uses the simile “Loved his garden like an only child” to show his father’s devotion to his home, which establishes a warm, reflective connection. The composer also uses the hyperbole “I often wondered how he existed on five or six hours sleep each night – why his arms didn’t fall off”, which indicates the extent of adoration he held for his father and that he saw him as a very strong figure. However although the poem remains quite positive throughout its entirety, at the end of the 7th Stanza it changes tone

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(Not) Belonging Essay, Skrzynecki's Poems 'Migrant Hostel' and 'Feliks Skrzynecki'

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Belonging is a complex, multi-faceted concept encompassing a wide range of different aspects. The need to belong to family and culture is a universal human need which provides a sense of value and emotional stability, and in many respects forges one’s identity. Alienation and disconnection often creates feelings of isolation, depression and loss of identity. A struggle with cultural identity is evident in Peter Skrzynecki’s poems ‘Migrant Hostel’ and ‘Feliks Skrzynecki’, where he examines a division between his pre-war Polish heritage and his newfound Australian way of life. The movement away from his European cultural heritage towards a more Australian identity created disorientation for Skrzynecki, and these feelings of disconnection…show more content…

The hostel is depicted as a place of insecurity where the individual identity has been removed and replaced with anonymity and insignificance ‘no one kept count of all the comings and goings’ and ‘arrivals of newcomers in busloads’. The poet also highlights the migrants need to seek out the familiar in people with the same nationality or culture, in search of a place to belong and a link to their former identities by connecting with other migrants, ‘ Nationalities sought each other out instinctively’.

The slowly widening generational gap between father and son and between cultures is explored in “Feliks Skrzynecki”. Although full of tender admiration for his father, who spent “Five years of forced labour in Germany”, the poet comments on his father’s strong need to focus only on his pre-war Polish culture, choosing to purposefully exclude himself from main-stream Australian society. Ironically, this caused a growing distance between father and son, as although his father feels he does belong and is content in his exclusion from Australian culture and society, Skrzynecki
Another basis for tension was the different experiences faced by both Peter and Feliks Skrzynecki. Feliks’ exposure to

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