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The Most Dangerous Game Map Assignment For The Most Dangerous Game

A common use for Storyboard That is to help students create a plot diagram of the events from a novel. Not only is this a great way to teach the parts of the plot, but it reinforces major events and help students develop greater understanding of literary structures.

Students can create a storyboard capturing the narrative arc in a novel with a six-cell storyboard containing the major parts of the plot diagram. For each cell, have students create a scene that follows the story in sequence using: Exposition, Conflict, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, and Resolution.

Example Plot Diagram for “The Most Dangerous Game”


Setting: Caribbean Sea/Ship Trap Island. Rainsford, a big game hunter, is traveling to the Amazon by boat. He falls overboard and finds himself stranded on Ship Trap Island.

Major Inciting Conflict

On the Island, Rainsford finds a large home where Ivan, a servant, and General Zaroff, a Russian aristocrat, live. They take Rainsford in. However, he soon learns that to leave, he must win a game where he is the prey! General Zaroff’s "most dangerous game" is hunting humans.

Rising Action

Rainsford must survive for three days. He sets three traps to outwit the general, Ivan, and his bloodthirsty hounds.


Cornered, Rainsford jumps off a cliff, into the sea. He survives the fall and waits for Zaroff in his house.

Falling Action

Rainsford ambushes Zaroff, and the men duel. Presumably, Zaroff is killed and fed to the hounds.


The story ends with Rainsford saying he has never slept more soundly in his life.

(These instructions are completely customizable. After clicking "Copy Assignment", change the description of the assignment in your Dashboard.)

Student Instructions

Create a visual plot diagram of “The Most Dangerous Game”.

  1. Separate the story into the Exposition, Conflict, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, and Resolution.
  2. Create an image that represents an important moment or set of events for each of the story components.
  3. Write a description of each of the steps in the plot diagram.

(Modify this basic rubric by clicking the link below. You can also create your own on Quick Rubric.)

English 9- Mrs. Robertson                                                        Name:  __________________________

“The Most Dangerous Game”

“The Most Dangerous Game

Map of Ship-Trap Island

Directions:  Create a map of Ship-Trap Island.  You must include all the required elements to receive full credit.  Be sure to refer back to the story so that you place each feature in the logical location.


  1. Include the following features of the island:  (2 points each)

ØRocky shoreline

ØDense jungle

ØFake channel marker with rocks

ØCourtyard with a dozen dogs

ØDeath Swamp

ØMalay man-catcher

ØBurmese tiger pit

ØUganda knife trick



  1. Include the following features of a map:  (2 points each)

ØCompass rose

ØDistance scale

ØKey for symbols (i.e. x= trees)

  1. Map must be colored and labeled

Point Value:

ØEach required item with correct placement is worth 2 points= 26 points

ØEffort:  Must be colored and work must look as though time was spent completing it.

= 14 points

TOTAL= 40 points + 5 points for the plot chart = 45

DUE DATE:  ________________________________________